The best solution to an old problem.

Stop Horse Cribbing

Crib-Free is the first two –step training program that will solve  horse cribbing problems, also known as “windsucking” in some locales. It is unlike any product on the market in that it addresses and corrects the behavioral causes of horse cribbing without the use of anti cribbing devices/method on your horse.
 The training program on solving horse cribbing includes 2 training DVD’s, a book which is on the second DVD in the form of a PDF file that you can download on to your computer and print, and a training aid. The program will teach you Tie-Rack Placement, how and when to use the training aid, getting to the root cause of horse cribbing and how to correct it.

Results in 30 days or your Money Back
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Whether you’re new to horse owner or  professional trainer we are confident that Crib-Free will work for you. The program is straight forward, simple to follow, and proven effective in solving horse cribbing. The Crib-Free training program was designed and developed by International Horse Trainer and Clinician Mike Hughes and incorporates his 24 years of experience in working with problem horses.

The difference between Crib-Free™ and the others is we don’t sell you a collar and leave the rest to you; we arm you with the right training techniques and tools to solve your horse cribbing habit-once and for all. So if all else has failed or if you want to do it right the first time, the Crib-Free program will turn your cribbing horse into a healthier horse. Give it a try; even the seasoned professional will be amazed.

With in the last 18 months there has been over 273 horses that have gone through the Crib-Free program and no longer crib.

Hi ya Mike,
Very long time..... This is Elisabeth, from Las Vegas, Nev....Let me just start off by Thanking you so so so very much for selling me one of your vidios on Cribbing..... We followed as much as we could, everything of your information on that subject, & we are very PROUD to say that Lotta my mare Does Not Crib anymore....... She has just had a Beautiful Baby Filly, & life for her is so much Better...... Also we moved her & my other mare to our back yard..... I will be sending pictures very soon so you can see..... Thank you again & again.....
Elisabeth & Lotta....

    Heidi Vanek
Hi Mike
He has not had any slip ups at all. I have been able to turn him out for most of the day several times in the big pasture near the barn. He doesnt even pay any attention to his old cribbing spots. I still have not had any colic episodes and another thing I noticed this winter is that he drank more water than usual during the winter months. I had in the past a couple episodes of an impaction colic that was due to not enough water in his system. I think its because he was cribbing all day and not drinking water. That was not the case this winter he actually drank more water than my other horse and we had no issues with his water intake. I no longer have that sick heartache looking out in the pasture watching him crib. I always felt so helpless. I appreciate your follow up and will be forever grateful. 

The Crib-Free program is for purchase by downloadable and if you would like to order the training aid also, the training aid will be sent to you by mail.  Thank You

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