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Horse Training and Services

Mike Hughes 916-218-8136
Auburn California

Weekend Clinics

 Price depends on the Location with in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Europe and other countries will be posted 4 months before arrival

All Accommodations need to be provided such as a place to stay and rides back and forth to the facility where the clinic is taking place at


Full time training starts at $500.00 per month, 20 lessons per month

Part time training starts at $300.00 per month 10 lessons per month

This does not include board

 Individual training/lessons $45.00
$65.00 if need to travel

All trailer in’s $50.00 per hour



Starting the Unbroke Horse

Finishing Horses

Behavior Problems

Trail Riding

Rescue, Abused, and Scared Horses

Movie/Stunt Horses

Stall Vices

Building a partnership between horse and riders

Be sure to visit our store for downloadable video's at  Perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones and horses





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