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Crib-Free Horse Training

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Mike Hughes 916-218-8136
Auburn California

Crib-Free originated as a two-step training program that solves horse cribbing through training and since has developed into a world wide training program for all levels of horse training, behavior problems, disciplines, and riders

Mike Hughes has earned his place as a top international horse trainer with his gentle but firm approach to horsemanship by breaking every lesson down into steps that every horse can understand

As a top international horse trainer, clinician and instructor, Mike helps all levels of horses and riders, whether you’re into showing, trail riding or just wanting to have a better relationship with your horse, Mike offers a step by step program that is easy to follow and will improve your goals with your horse

Mike’s “Gentle but Firm” approach to horsemanship has not only made him a respected top international horse trainer and clinician, it has also given him the opportunity to travel around the world training horses, solving any horse behavior problems and giving riding/training instructions.

At the center of Mike’s training program is a step by step training method that provides an in depth understanding that any horse can learn while Mike teaches the owner how to work, ride, and train their horse with confidence. It is important to Mike that the owner takes part in the horses training.

Whether your horse needs to be started under saddle, has a behavior problem, needs to be finished, or your just looking for a closer partnership with your horse, Mike’s training program will help you and your horse succeed in your goals.

“If you want a partner, have your horse treated and trained like a partner”

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